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Here are some of the frogs who live in my pond.

Grumpy Frog

Of course, this is the grumpy frog. Apparently he had had enough photographs taken for one day. Instead of hopping away, he started opening and closing his mouth at me, and stamping his feet! Look at his eye brow; you can see how annoyed he was!

The Rude Frog

I call this one the Rude frog. He watches me feed the other frogs, and if they don't take the worms from me fast enough, he will come from across the pond, jumping right on top of the other frogs, to get the worm out of my hand first.

If I try to sit on my deck in the morning and enjoy a cup of coffee before scavenging for worms, the Rude frog will sit and glare at me. If I dawdle too long over my coffee he starts croaking loudly, as if to say "I'm hungry, where's breakfast!" The Rude frog is featured on the Chrismas card, sitting on the sled.


This is Dorothy. My daughter named her Dorothy- from the Wizard of Oz- because she likes the character. Dorothy is a pleasant frog, with a calm tempermant.

Lucky Frog

This is Lucky. There's a true story behind his name.  One morning, I went out to my pond, and found one of the frogs terribly wounded. There was a big slash across their belly, a cut lip, and their calf was sliced open to the muscle. I was in tears to see one of my frogs so seriously hurt, they were like my pets. I called a reptile pet store and a vet that cares for reptile and amphibians. No one could offer much practical advice. I was afraid nature would inevitably take its course. After a few days, poor Lucky's belly swelled up. I figured this was a bad sign, probably an infection, or kidney failure. I decided to pray to St. Francis, the patron saint of animals. I couldn't bear to see the little frog suffer. I asked St. Francis to pray to God on the little frog's behalf to end his suffering quickly, or cure him. I didn't see Lucky for a couple days after that and I assumed the worst. Then, I saw him sitting on the side of the pond on one of the stones! The swelling had gone down in his belly, and the gaping gash in his leg was almost healed together. I was amazed. My friends of course said I should name him Lucky after that! ...You can believe it or not.

In the first picture, you can see his leg almost healed. He has a bump on his lower lip where it was cut. In the second picture, you can hardly see his injury at all, he just has a bump on his lower lip

Lucky Frog
Freckles the frog

This is Freckles. Freckles is a very pretty frog. She is featured on the frog Valentines card, with the frog holding the brown-eyed Susan, and also, the frog on the mini poster.

Yoda frog

Meet Yoda. My daughter also named this frog. He is a large male, whose favorite place to sit is inside the moss covered shelves of my waterfall, where he can observe what is going on in the rest of the pond.