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What is feng shui? It is the chinese art of placing objects to optimize the flow of chi (energy).

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There are many considerations in furniture placement, preferable location of room for a particular activity, decor, color schemes, etc, when trying to best optimize chi (energy). It is believed, by following these guidelines, good health, harmony and prosperity will prevail in all aspects of one's life. Here are some links where you may learn more about feng shui:

The lotus symbolizes purity and good fortune. Pink is associated with love and happiness. Click on add to cart button below to purchase.

mat color

Waterflower item # 034 18 in x 24 in
Waterflower, purity, good fortune
$50.00 (plus S&H)

However, I will produce another photgraphic print if requested.

Goldfish and koi, are cousins of the carp which are symbols of overcoming adversity, since they swim against the current, and also great wealth. Purchase the goldfish and leaf pattern abstract below, by clicking on the add to cart button below.

mat color

Goldfish and Leaves 16 in x 18 in
Goldfish and leaves
item # 037 $45.00 (plus S&H)

A photograph of a waterfall is a good way to slow energy that is moving to fast before it enters your home, such as from a busy street. Place the picture by the entrance to your house. Water is also a good element to include in the kitchen to balance the element of fire.

$50.00 (plus S&H)

mat color

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The color blue is associated with spirituality and composure. Place this art work in a room where you want quiet thought, work or harmony. Use add to cart button below to purchase.

mat color

Abstract Waterdroplets 18 in x 24 in
Absrtact Waterdroplets
item # 036 $ 50.00 (plus S&H)

Fish and iris $50.00 plus S&H
fish and iris
18" x 24"

Mat color

The lucky goldfish and a beautiful Japanese iris, captured in a impressionistic like photograph. This Photograph is also available matted with a cream color mat. Just add a note telling me this is the color you prerfer.

All images on this website copyright Sue Kurvits, owner of  My Vue Art Works, all rights reserved.

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