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The frogs in my photographs are green frogs (rana clamitans), and the snake is a common garter snake native to New York State. The snake lives under my deck. They are wild, and unharmed. However, the the frogs are quite used to me, and will eat worms and crickets out of my hand, and of course let me take close up photos of them, with all sorts of props without seeming to mind.The same species of frogs have been appearing at my pond for four years.You can look up more information about these animals in some of the following links. The waterlilies have been living in my goldfish pond for fours years, and have more leaves and blooms every year. My goldfish are five years old. They live in my gold fish pond in the summer, and in the winter, they live in a large aquarium inside my house. My cats are domesticated and spoiled rotten!

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See my dragonfly website which has research on a large local dragonfly on the special concern list at

Visit my Ginkgo tree website, to learn about this unusual, and ancient tree at

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry - Snakes of New York

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Cat Fanciers Website





You may want to Take a look at the links to garden pond stores and start your own little pond! Who knows what creatures may come to live in yours!


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